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Galvin Green Mary Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Galvin Green Mary Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Dean Vannet

This smart-looking shirt is ideal for golf all year round, keeping you cool in summer and fitting perfectly under sweaters and jackets in winter.

VENTIL8 is Galvin Green's heralded technology to keep you feeling fresh and cool by moving sweat away from your body and letting your skin breathe. We appreciate that this lasts for the full 18 holes.

Key features and benefits:

  • VENTIL8 fabric keeps you cool and fresh for longer
  • Moisture-wicking technology moves sweat away from your skin
  • Highly-breathable design prevents you getting hot and stuffy
  • 20+ UV protection to shield you from sun damage
  • Lightweight cotton is soft and unrestrictive

If you want to play golf all year long, this is the polo shirt for you. Reserve your size now by clicking below.


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