What is custom fitting?

Custom Fitting is the process of tailoring golf equipment to an individual's unique needs. When we custom fit we look to address the following:

  • Tailor your clubs to your physical make up. For example, tall players may require longer clubs, or someone with big hands may require thicker grips
  • Try to help reduce the effects of a particular bad shot (e.g. reducing the effects of a slice)
  • Maximise distance for your swing
  • Encourage you to strike the ball out of the middle of the clubface, improving consistency

How much does it cost?

Individual Fitting Session - £20

However we offer the following:

£20 credit from any irons or woods bought within 30 days of the fitting..

We also offer the 'Complete Equipment Solution' with the leading brands at certain times of the season where we offer FREE fitting and a FREE lesson. Sign up to my newsletter to ensure you can take advantage of these special offers.

We also offer a demo day throughout the year where you can try out the best equipment on the market and get free custom fitting and advice to ensure you get the right product.

Who needs custom fitting?

Many people think that custom fitting is only for good golfers. However this is definitely not the case! Having your golf equipment correctly fitted to your own individual needs will benefit every golfer regardless of handicap or age.

You wouldn't buy a pair of trousers that were too short in the leg and too big on the waist so why would you spend your own hard earned money on equipment that isn't suitable and certainly won't improve your golf?

We aim to ensure that your equipment makes the game that little bit easier and that you enjoy your golf to the maximum.

What aspects of the club do we customise?How do we custom fit Peterculter GC

  • Shaft type and flex
  • Grip size
  • Head type
  • Lie angle
  • Launch angle
  • Length
  • Shaft weight

How do we custom fit?

  1. We conduct an interview with the player and find out what they would like the clubs to do. Hit it further....hit it straighter, hit it lower???
  2. We then assess their current clubs.
  3. We carry out static measurements to determine a starting point on the players dimensions. We then perform a dynamic process to determine shaft length and club lie (angle that the sole of the club strikes at the impact position)
  4. We then use our Swing Speed monitor to measure clubhead speed to determine shaft flex/type.
  5. We then use this data to ascertain what specifications the player will need.
  6. Using our fitting bag, we build a sample club with the correct specifications and show the player the improved ball flight. This service combined with a PGA Professional's knowledge is the most complete and accurate way to be custom fitted to golf clubs.

If you would like to book an appointment then please email me here